The Cute Little Polar Bears of Central Park

  Last modified on March 4th, 2021

The Upper West Side has been eating up the adorable snow sculptures of polar bears and wolves which popped up in Central Park earlier this month.

The family of polar bears can be found near the West 86th Street entrance.

central park polar bears

photo by Marty Temkin

And the snow-wolves are located along the reservoir path – near East 92nd Street, a reader tells us.

wolves central park reservoir

photo by Steven Hornstein

The artist, Heide Hatry, has been documenting her work through Instagram.

She’s been doing regular maintenance on the bears, and on one of her maintenance walks, she found a guitar which she thought would make a nice addition to the display.

snow polar bears central park

photo by Vijay A

Hatry told one of our readers the project initially took about ten hours to complete, and in an earlier post, clarified that she was doing this (at least in part) to spread awareness about climate change.

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“[The polar bears] made lots of people smile, and I hope we realize that they need our help to survive the upcoming decades,” she wrote, plugging a donation link to

polar bears in central park

photo by Steven Hornstein

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