The NYC “Exodus” and the Upper West Side

A recently published study by commercial real estate firm CBRE took a look at national relocations during 2020, and a write-up by Patch breaks down the numbers on the Upper West Side.

While about 32,000 people left the neighborhood, almost 23,000 actually moved in. This represents a net loss of about 9,500 people. While there are always people coming and going, Patch points out that 2019 saw a smaller net loss of just 3,300 people.

Here are 2020 stats for each Upper West Side zip code:

  • 10023: 10,808 people moved out – 7,996 moved in [net loss of 2,807 people, or 29 per 1,000 residents]
  • 10024: 8,471 people moved out – 5,711 moved in [net loss of 2,760 people, or 33 per 1,000 residents]
  • 10025: 11,467 moved out – 7,685 moved in [net loss of 3,782 people, or 23 per 1,000 residents]
  • 10069: 1,437 moved out – 1,288 moved in [net loss of 149, or 11 per 1,000 people]


According to Patch, 10025 saw the largest net-loss in NYC, and the sixth largest in New York State – “one of a handful of ZIP codes that saw more than 10,000 move-outs during 2020.”

NYC as a whole saw the second largest net-loss in the country, just after San Francisco.

“The movement of people from high-density, high-cost places to low-cost ones is certainly not unique to the COVID era. In 2020, though, the magnitude of this trend is especially striking. Address changes out of dense zip codes was the norm across all U.S. regions,” the report from CBRE states.

Per Gothamist, Upper West Side zip codes were included in the ten areas with the highest move-out rates in NYC. Other zip codes within this list were located in Hell’s Kitchen and on the Upper East Side. Gothamist also states that a significant number of residents left the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Greenpoint, Dumbo and Crown Heights, “… gentrified neighborhoods, where a new crop of young professionals could afford to easily uproot during the pandemic,” according to Eric Willett of CBRE.

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