This 92 Year Old LOVES Cafe 82

“Humans of New York” recently ran a story about a 92 year old woman named Sarita – someone you’ve most likely seen if you’ve ever dined at Cafe 82, located at 2282 Broadway off the corner of 82nd Street. (Heard through Patch).

The post – shared with the brand’s 17 million Facebook fans – was narrated by Sarita’s daughter, who describes how Sarita and her late husband would frequent the Upper West Sider diner after he came home from art school.

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Since her husband passed away ten years ago, Sarita has made the four-block walk to Cafe 82 almost every day. “Her mode of transport has shifted over the years: from her legs, to a cane, to a walker. But unless it’s snowing or storming— she’s coming to the diner.”

When Sarita started asking her daughter to join her for meals at Cafe 82, she would recommend trying something else since there are “so many choices in New York.” But Sarita always insisted on Cafe 82, so that’s where they go.

All of Cafe 82’s employees know Sarita, and her order: “a special grilled cheese sandwich with half-avocado and half-tomato.” They now refer to this as the ‘Sarita Sandwich.’ She’s greeted by everyone … waiters, other customers, the owner. “It’s the center of her social life.”

Sarita’s daughter says things have become more difficult recently since she’s been battling a tremor, making it difficult for her to hold utensils or a cup of coffee. “But they’ve made it easy for her; they now bring her coffee 3/4th full. With a side of ice on the side, so she can cool it down, and drink with a straw. She still always gets the same Sarita Sandwich. Only now when they bring it out—it’s already cut into tiny little pieces, so she can eat it with one hand.”

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