Top 5 Upper West Side Romantic Movie Locations

  Last modified on February 5th, 2023

Welcome to the world of romantic movies, where iconic locations take center stage and set the mood for love. The Upper West Side is a beloved setting for filmmakers; its charming streets, restaurants, and historic brownstones have been featured in some of the most memorable romantic films of all time.

1. Zabar’s – 2245 Broadway

This well-known neighborhood landmark at Broadway and West 80th Street has been featured in quite a few movies. Joe comes to Kathleen’s rescue inside Zabar’s in You’ve Got Mail when she has no cash in a cash-only checkout line. And Isaac and Mary admire the gourmet treats on display in Woody Allen’s Manhattan.


2. Cafe Lalo – 201 West 83rd Street

The romantic Cafe Lalo also makes an appearance in You’ve Got Mail (Kathleen and Joe spent a lot of time on the UWS). Joe realizes Kathleen is the woman behind the screen name when he sees her sitting inside with a red rose.

We’ll let you know if and when we hear about Cafe Lalo reopening …

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3. Westside Restaurant – 2020 Broadway

If you haven’t seen Little Manhattan, you should – it’s a love letter to the Upper West Side. In the last scene of the movie, Gabe and his parents realize that maybe love doesn’t have to end, and they go out for a family dinner at Westside Restaurant on the corner of Broadway and West 69th Street.

4. 55 West 69th Street

This UWS brownstone on West 69th Street between Central Park West and Columbus was used as CC Baxter’s apartment in the 1960 rom-com The Apartment. The movie was filmed during an extra-cold winter, so they also recreated the building on a soundstage for some scenes.


5. Cafe Luxembourg – 200 West 70th Street

In When Harry Met Sally, Harry and Sally try to set each other up with their best friends at this Upper West Side restaurant. But their plan backfires when their friends fall in love with each other instead.


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