Upper West Side Sushi

Upper West Side Sushi

Upper West Side sushi options are plentiful.  A healthy and delicious food that can be enjoyed in many-course omakase or quickly at a bar, sushi is as much an Upper West Side food as pizza or bagels. There are sushi places everywhere you go, and many are quite good. Here are a few I particularly recommend.

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Sushi of Gari

370 Columbus Ave

Gari on Columbus and 77th (near Natural History) is widely known to have a superior sushi list: no one seems to carry more different species, and all super fresh. This is definitely the place for sushi purists: few crazy roll creations here, but tons of smooth, soft, perfectly sliced and placed little bits of sashimi.

I asked the chef to choose some fish for me, and although this was pricier than Mike’s similarly sized and also excellent regular sashimi dinner, the delicately prepared fatty tuna, yellowtail, poached lobster and grilled butterfish were all just lovely, and somewhat unusual, and the giant single raw oyster was exceptional.  We also enjoyed the hijiki salad.

upper west side sushi

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