Upper West Sider Gets Crystal Meth in the Mail

Within the past two months, an Upper West Side woman has received two packages in the mail containing what police say is methamphetamine.


In September, she received an envelope in her mailbox addressed to someone in California whom she didn’t know, but with her home address listed as the return address. When she and her elderly mother opened the package they were shocked to find what was inside. As a self-proclaimed avid watcher of drug crime shows, the woman identified the substance as resembling crystal meth.

Immediately, she contacted her local precinct and an officer confirmed that the substance was in fact meth.

The police suggested that this sort of occurrence usually happens when a drug dealer on the dark web wants to avoid detection when shipping contraband. The dealer will randomly hack someone’s personal information and use their location as the return address, so if the intended recipient doesn’t pick up the stuff, it won’t get traced back to the dealer.

According to the woman, the police told her that “this happens all the time,” which she later found out for herself when she received a second envelope in the mail just a month later, this time addressed to someone in Massachusetts.

She contacted the precinct for a second time, and the police implored her not to touch it as it could contain potentially harmful substances. When they opened up the envelope, they discovered it was another shipment of crystal meth.

As for the woman’s story, she said she wanted to “get it out there so that people are more cautious, especially people with children.” Since the incident, she has not heard about it happening to anyone else.

There is currently an ongoing investigation into the packages and their sources.

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