Upper West Sider Launches GoFundMe for Selfless House Cleaner

GoFundMe / Jinny Min

As of Tuesday, May 16, Jinny Min has successfully raised over $1,600 toward medical bills to support a woman named Delia, whose husband recently spent two months in the hospital due to a lung infection.


Min launched a GoFundMe campaign for Delia on May 10. The 75-year-old mother and grandmother originally moved to New York from Guatemala after finding out her now ex-husband had been unfaithful in their marriage. Delia adopted and raised the child that resulted from the affair as her own after learning that her ex-husband and the child’s mother did not want their son.

When she arrived to New York, Delia met her now husband, who at the time was the super in her building. Now 87, he has recently been discharged from the hospital, but his stay has led to significant medical bills – with more upcoming in support of his long term recovery. Delia has continued to work as a house cleaner to help cover expenses during his stay in the hospital, while still finding time to visit him every day. Now she needs help from her community as her husband continues to heal.

It was also through her work cleaning apartments that Delia met Jinny Min, who put together the fundraiser looking to garner $5,000 in support. Jinny kicked off the campaign with her own generous donation, and 12 other people have added their own support since the campaign launched. In the GoFundMe description, Jenny shares that she has known Delia for 3 years, and sees her as a “friend, confidant, and grandmother to [her] pets.” On the fundraising page, donors describe Delia as an “amazing, strong and positive woman.” When asked for comment, Jinny shared, “caretakers are often under appreciated and it’s important that our community cares for them as well as their loved ones.”


For those interested in helping Delia and her husband on the road to recovery, or simply in learning more, the GoFundMe page is the best place for updates and information. Sharing the page with others who may be interested in contributing is another great way to show support!


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