Upper West Sider Starts Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

An Upper West Sider by the name of Kamal Julka reached out to us yesterday with a new initiative to help those most effected by the corona virus scare. Inspired by her seventh grade son, she created a sign-up sheet which able-bodied volunteers can add their contact info to. Volunteers can also identify their location, and list which services they are able to help with. It’s an editable, shareable Google Sheet which anyone can access.

At the time of writing, the sign-up sheet has 75 names and is rapidly growing! It is amazing to see people all over the Upper West Side willing and able to help.

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance – or if you’d like to volunteer – here’s the sign-up sheet.

Kamal and her family have created crowdsourcing initiatives in both Chicago and in Delhi, where they helped victims of the Delhi riots get basic items like pillows, towels, clothing and sanitary products.

Kamal’s son is a seventh grade Trinity student named Rian. Having seen his mom launch these successful initiatives, he though it would be prudent to do the same for NYC; especially for elderly New Yorkers who are stuck at home and are unable to shop for themselves.

BIG THANKS to Kamal and Rian Julka!


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