UWS Entrepreneur is 8 Years Old

Julian Business Man lemonade stand

And he’s already got interns (boss is in the center)

Last week, Julian Lin ran a lemonade stand on the corner of 69th and Columbus Avenue. On Thursday, he had a shift at Épices Bakery folding boxes. For years, he worked at the fruit stand on West 68th Street giving out bags, restocking inventory and sweeping the sidewalk. He goes by the name Julian Business Man. And we wonder what he’ll do next.


“I just love working. I love everything about it. It makes me feel good,” said the 8-year-old P.S. 199 student (“Shout-out to Ms. Plantevin!”). “It is very satisfying to make money. Earning money makes me feel relieved. Relieved about college. Relieved about paying for my mom and dad’s meals when I’m older. And relieved that I can do good things for people who don’t have money. Like homeless people and people who are hungry. And dogs who need a home.”

Turns out when Julian was four years old he developed a kinship with John, the fruit stand vendor at 68th and Columbus Avenue. You may also know John as @fruitguynewyork on Instagram where he carries a loyal following of fans with his fun fruit updates.

“He said as a joke, bring me your resume. So, I made a resume,” Julian tells us. Next thing you know, Julian is being paid in fruit and vegetables, which he shares with his family.

Julian and James working together


The business savvy boy with a big heart has experimented with several of his own concepts over the years. In the spring of 2020, Julian launched J’s Diner by emailing people in his building with a menu of drinks, soups and desserts they could have delivered. The menu got shared amongst the neighborhood and people began to email in orders. Ultimately, Julian concluded it was “so much work with so little paychecks that I honestly don’t think it’s worth it.” He’s also tinkered with café, hot chocolate and juice stands and is currently developing a gardening business.

Invoices from J’s Diner

Not everything is about the bottom line with Julian. In 2022 he served as his school’s janitor and swept the floors. “I know how much janitors work and still get such little salaries, so I decided to help out my janitors at school and help without a paycheck.”

Julian’s goal in life is “to end all world hunger and homelessness and have all dogs find a home in the world. By being a businessman, I can switch money around by getting all the rich people’s money so I can give to the poor.”

Julian tells us he donates 30% of his profits to dog shelters and homeless shelters. “If you’re one of those people who say when you grow up you’re just going to make all that money and keep it for yourself, not me. Maybe Jeff Bezos. But not me.”


Assessing his lemonade stand’s performance last weekend, Julian said it went “well and not well.” Turns out his gross revenue was more than double what he’s ever earned, “But sadly, the net profit was about average. But the good thing about it being average was I gave my second-largest donation ever to a dog shelter, which is good.”

Somebody, please get this kid a coffee because Julian is a natural-born closer. When asked about his future plans, Julian mentioned he’s expanding his line of Julian Business Man-branded  merchandise. Anyone interested in Julian Business Man mugs, frisbees and keychains can shop here.

Julian thanks his online tutor, Kelly Kirk-Xu, whom he sees three times a week after school. Together, they work on everything from website and product design to hiring people off Fivrr.

Next time you see Julian out working, it might be a good idea to say hi. He might have a job for you someday.

Thanks to @heathmhughes for the tip!


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