UWS Organizations Work Together To Manufacture & Deliver Face Shields

Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM), a global humanitarian non-profit venture, has a web-platform with detailed instructions for creating COVID-19 solutions. They are calling on those with access to 3D printers to help make masks, shields and other desperately needed supplies.

Three Upper West Side organizations have linked together through TOM’s platform.

Congregation Rodeph Sholom, located at 7 West 83rd Street, has lent two 3D printers as well as PLA filament to make face shields to Skill Mill NYC, located at 949 Amsterdam Avenue.

Skill Mill NYC then delivered 33 face shields to the New Jewish Home, located at 120 West 106th Street. They also plan to deliver about 200 more units over the next two weeks to different facilities including Mt. Sinai and Beth Israel hospitals.


TOM launched in Israel in 2014 in order to create and disseminate highly affordable solutions to needs of people living with disabilities, the elderly and the poor.

With COVID-19 spreading at a rapid rate, TOM pivoted all operations to co-creating and delivering solutions for COVID-19. The TOM web-platform now allows individuals and groups of makers around the world to join into a ‘Maker Army’ that mass-delivers protective gear and other solutions everywhere, by sharing knowledge on a global basis and supporting the manufacturing and distribution of solutions at increasingly more efficient and lower costs.

TOM already has 21 solutions and expects to have as many as 30 solutions by this week.

The TOM Israel team was tapped to the leadership of a national taskforce to mobilize all available relevant engineering capabilities in the country. TOM’s responsibility is to orchestrate the work of 3D printing of COVID-19 Solutions in universities, makerspaces and by private citizens.

In launching the ‘Maker Army’ TOM is making a simple ask: anybody that can invent or make things and/or operate a 3D printer should act now so that they can be counted in this crisis.

Anyone with access to a 3D printer or maker space can help create supplies. To get involved with TOM’s platform, go to their website, tomglobal.org and click “join”.

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