Vegetarian Restaurants on The Upper West Side

  Last modified on September 28th, 2018

Whether you’re a “full-time” vegetarian, or just looking for some healthier options, there are quite a few vegetarian restaurants on the Upper West Side which can help you achieve your health goals. And the first on our list is not only considered a great vegetarian spot, but also one of the best restaurants on the Upper West Side!

Candle Cafe West

2427 Broadway

Candle Cafe is Kosher certified and offers only 100% plant based foods, completely free of chemicals and hormones.

They have two other locations on the UES.  All three locations feature four menu changes per year that are based on which fruits, veggies and herbs are in season. This ensures everything is fresh, both the food itself and the interest among its client base.

Candle Cafe also serves a whole bunch of cool cocktails!  Both with alcohol and without. All spirits are organically sourced, and some of their drinks include a Spiced Toddy (with organic sake, apple juice, bitters, lemon and cinnamon served hot or cold) and number of non-alcoholic fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Some popular food items include their black bean burger and Cajun crusted seitan sandwich.

Vegetarian Restaurants on The Upper West Side



Blossom Du Jour

449 Amsterdam Ave

This fast-casual vegan joint was established by restaurateur Pamela Elizabeth in 2010.  Their food is Kosher Certified and they also offer juice cleanse packages.  They have three additional NYC locations (in Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea and the East Village).

Two popular items include their vegan Philly cheese steak and their milkshakes (they have cookie dough and butterfinger!).

Vegetarian Restaurants on The Upper West Side



Blossom on Columbus

507 Columbus Ave

This restaurant provides vegan reinterpretations of classic world cuisine.

They also have their own cookbook!  “The Blossom Cookbook” includes over 80 recipes and is being sold at book retailers everywhere.

If you’re new to this restaurant, or vegetarian food in general, they offer a six-course tasting menu for $60.

Two of their popular items include their tiramisu and crusted eggplant.

Vegan Restaurants on The Upper West Side


Peacefood Cafe

460 Amsterdam Ave

Peacefood is a vegan restaurant and bakery founded in 2009 by two vegans.

They have another location in the Union Square area (their original post was here on the UWS).

Some popular dishes include their chickpea fries, pizza and vegan brownies.

Vegan Restaurants on The Upper West Side



Saravana Bhavan

413 Amsterdam Ave

Saravana Bhavan is an Indian vegetarian chain, popular for their dosas and Madras coffee.

Not only does this location make our list of vegetarian restaurants, but our resident foodie considers it one of the best Indian restaurants on the Upper West Side, too. She’s a big fan of their many sauces.

Vegan Restaurants on The Upper West Side

photo by Flickr user Jonathan McIntosh:



646 Amsterdam Ave

While this farm-to-table restaurant does offer some fish entries (all wild-caught, of course), they have a strong vegetarian and vegan focus, plus a generous list of organic wines and teas.

Mana’s vegan menu includes dishes like vegan burgers, soups, salads and more. They also serve amazing sweet potato dumplings which have earned a loyal fan base.

Vegan Restaurants Upper West Side

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