76 Year Old Woman Loses Wedding Ring During Evening Clap

  Last modified on January 31st, 2022

One of our readers just contacted us to see if we could spread the word about her mother’s lost wedding ring. It happened during last night’s evening clap, which has recently been the highlight of her day.

While she was ringing a bell from her 13th story window on 87th and West End, the 76 year old woman’s wedding ring flew off.

She and her husband, who is 83, just celebrated their 50th anniversary last month, at which point they were already quarantined.

Our reader tells us that “the ring does not hold extraordinary value, it was a plain band. But the tiredness in my mother’s voice when she said she wouldn’t replace it is the worst part.”

While they did contact the 24th precinct, we are posting this notice to see if any locals might have seen the ring.

The ring is a plain platinum band (silver in color). Please contact us if you think you may have located it.

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